Being part of the Network

CVAN is not a service for the visual arts sector, but a network that thrives on collective input and a shared vision for success. This collective input has to come from within the sector, and the Network encourages visual arts professionals to work with their Regional Coordinators and Steering Groups to help ensure that these networks are successful. What you get out of your regional network depends entirely on how much you put into it.


All regional networks will grow successfully if they have strong support from their regional sector. You can support by being part of the Steering or Working Groups, or by using the Network as a platform to share knowledge of best practice and information. Your regional network can also be a first port of call if you are looking to share knowledge, connect with other like minded professionals or seek out collaborators or partners for projects in other regions.

How can I be part of the Network?

If you are not already a Steering Group member of your regional group, or do not yet contribute to regional working groups that are set up to deliver work, you can still be involved in the Contemporary Visual Arts Network:

You can subscribe for regular updates via our National email newsletter. Just complete the form to the right or follow the link above.

Simply using this website regularly will provide you with timely access to information about the Network and all its regional groups. You will be able to see what programmes of activity are being undertaken regionally and nationally, comment on stories and continue conversations.

You can use our LinkedIn group to share details of projects they might be working on, put a call out for collaborators or for advice, or share knowledge around a particular project.

Voice your thoughts by submitting a story or article on a sectoral matter to the site’s editor, to stimulate a national conversation. 

Knowledge Sharing and Best Practice

Our Network consists of many different types of members, from individual artists to large scale institutions. All of those members are delivering exciting and innovative work and leading in best practice alongside their involvement in the Contemporary Visual Arts Network. In our Spotlight Section we are championing high quality visual arts initiatives and projects that are happening in our regions. Sharing knowledge from these programmes gives the sector a better insight into the national spectrum of visual arts delivery. Also, where there are economies of scale, we encourage members to roll out their activities across the Network with call outs for partners. We feel members can be more effective when in force, working on collaborative projects and shared aims for provision for artists and organisations alike.

Posting a story means members can create opportunities for debate and for knowledge sharing, this is encouraged. Demonstrating linkages and highlighting and championing the necessity of an ecology is something we embrace.