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Social Works?: Live

Social Works?: Live — hosted in partnership between Axisweb and Manchester Metropolitan University — is about working in the open and sharing ideas with a network of people involved in socially engaged practice. Connected by critical engagement as an essential part of the field, the event will explore the infrastructural conditions needed to give those involved in the sector the means to enter into valuable and validating exchanges.

Social Works?: Live will take the form of a social art festival—with artist-run ‘stalls’—and a ‘live publication’ process, forming the basis of Social Works? Journal, vol. 2.

Activities / interventions will be organised under three thematic learning hubs:

  • Exchange - A space for discourse and reflection

  • Profile - A space devoted to the celebration of artists and their projects

  • Resources - A space for learning and sharing best practice

There will also be:

  • The Fringe - A space to for all things social

In addition to artist-run activities, Axisweb / MMU’s stall will host a prototype of the prospective social arts validation platform for your comments and feedback. There will also be a programme of talks and the chance to sign up for a one-to-one with commissioners.

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