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Newcastle University: More Than Meanwhile Spaces II

© Photo courtesy of Newcastle University, 2019.

© Photo courtesy of Newcastle University, 2019.


Dan Goodman is working with an interdisciplinary team at Newcastle University to set up a North East network for artist-led organisations with studio and/or gallery provision who operate in urban environments (e.g. town and city centres). Artist-led practices play a vital role in the arts ecology of the North East through their support of the development of art practices and fostering a sense of community among artists as well as the wider public. 

This network will form part of the ‘More than Meanwhile Space II’ project, which argues for long-term options for artist-led practices in the city. That’s not to say that meanwhile spaces have no place, or to move towards a single option for all. Rather, they are looking for a wider variety of options and models – from short to mid to long term. The team would like to know more about your thoughts, practices and ideas.

The first event will take place on Friday 8th November 10am-1pm at Tyneside Cinema. The team are inviting everyone to give a 3min introduction to their group (PowerPoint is actively discouraged) and then they’ll share and discuss some recent reports into artist-led practices and models in the region (if anyone has anything they would like to add to this, the team will be happy to collate it and hand it out at the event).

At the following event (venue tbc – please get in touch if you’d like to host) the group will be asking everyone to introduce an artist-led group they think is a useful national or international example, and then will identify topics that they can actively work on as a group. They have funds to support the third event (e.g. for catering, to bring in external speakers etc.)

The fourth and fifth events will tie-in with the other strand of the project that is developing a feasibility report of how an initiative akin to Creative Enterprise Zones would benefit and could be implemented in the Northeast. This would be a chance for you to have your say and highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the proposal in regards to your own practice and that of other artists. Find out more about Creative Enterprise Zones here.

The team will be delighted if you were able to join them, and to help with this, they have a limited number of funds for artist fees (to cover your time at each event), travel, and to offset childcare costs. If you click the relevant option on the form (available here) they’ll get back in touch with you with instructions for how you can claim those funds back. The team respectfully ask that groups with paid members of staff, or who are joining us from outside the North East, do not opt in for the above fees. 

To contact Dan Goodman for further information