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Learning and participation manager (Museums and galleries)

Learning and Participation Managers organise and run education programmes for museums and galleries in order to make their art accessible to a wide range of people. The role of a learning and participation manager might include: 

  • Designing and delivering educational activities, workshops and materials for a variety of audience groups (e.g. schools, families, those with dementia, further and higher education students, young people at risk of exclusion etc)

  • Overseeing a team of learning staff and volunteers

  • Managing education projects and liaising with other arts organisations and educational institutions

  • A wide variety of administrative tasks including writing reports, risk assessments, project evaluations, and dealing with enquiries from the public

  • Fundraising and managing budgets

  • Organising and running related exhibitions and festivals

  • Writing copy for marketing, publicity, publications and the Internet

  • Seeking out new opportunities for partnerships with local businesses, groups and societies

It is likely that the role of a Learning and Participation Manager will be full time, 9-5, Monday-Friday. However, flexibility is important as arts events may take place during the evenings and at weekends. The job may also involve some travel, mostly within the local area. 

What skills do you need to become a learning and participation manager?

• Knowledge of safeguarding and a DBS check

• First aid qualification

• Organisational / project management skills

• Ability to lead teams and enable individuals to work to their best abilities

• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

• An interest in working with young people / diverse audience groups

• A related degree

• Experience in planning events

• Experience working as a learning and participation officer/volunteer

• Familiarity with the National Curriculum

• Experience of delivering learning outcomes in formal or informal learning contexts

• Knowledge of relevant legislation (Health & Safety, Data Protection, Safeguarding, Disability etc)

• Experience of working with people with physical disabilities, learning difficulties and long-term health conditions

How do I become a learning and participation manager? 

• Study a creative subject such as art or design at school

• Study a related degree such as art, art history, or museum studies

• An interest in art, history and society and a passion for engaging audiences with gallery and museum collections

• Get experience working with variety of audience groups by working on projects with schools or community groups

• Learning and Participation Managers can also be found working for local authorities or other types of art organisations. Before working as a learning and participation manager you might have a more junior role working as a learning and participation member of staff.

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