Rose Copsey

Communications Manager

Nothing inspires Rose more than Art and People.

Completing her MA at the Courtauld in 18th Century French Decorative Arts and Anthropology, Rose has always been keen to explore the implications of space and ornamentation on social engagement and hierarchies. Believing that art can be a powerful conduit for teaching empathy and uniting opposing viewpoints, she aims to open up the VA sector to new audiences through creative use of multimedia.

I mean, honestly, why can’t we dress somebody up as Da Vinci and watch him feed ducks as he discusses his body of work? Or, even better, build a website with Frida Kahlo?

With a certificate in Public Relations from CIPR, Rose is developing a digital PR strategy with CVAN that showcases the cultural, social, and economic values of the visual and creative arts to the UK. As we work towards the much needed diversification of this sector, Rose hopes to engage artists, policy makers, and the general public in meaningful dialogue as we realise the full potential of the visual arts as a creative outlet for all.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions, ideas, or want to learn more about CVAN: rose@cvan.art