Blaze, an innovative youth led arts organisation based in Lancashire, was commissioned by CVAN North West to design and deliver a programme of work to help improve and increase the number and quality of engagements between young people and contemporary visual art across the North West region. It comprised several strands of activity:

Culture on a Shoestring: two issues of Blaze's printed and online magazine were produced in collaboration with the project in order to diversify style and content, expand the number of young contributors and develop skills and knowledge. 

Modern History Engagement: four early career artists were recruited to devise and deliver programmes of activity, including a podcast series, to engage young people from the local community with the Modern History exhibitions and their host venues.

Support Offer – 7 North West based organisations received support from a member of the Blaze team to help develop or innovate their work with young people.

Blaze Festival Guest Speakers: Polly Brannan (Liverpool Biennial), Verity Gardner (Islington Mill), Richard Smith (Lancaster Arts) and Kevin Hunt (Liverpool-based artist) delivered talks to young people’s groups as part of the Blaze festival in October 2015.