Director's blog: The Exchange: Revealing Collaborative Values

The National Network for Academic and Creative Exchange (‘The Exchange’) was a pilot developed by The Culture Capital Exchange (TCCE) to explore and exchange best practice in effective research collaboration. The project brought together the agendas of creative SMEs, artists and HEIs across a number of areas of inquiry. In the publication, The Exchange: Revealing Collaborative Values, TCCE directors and key members of the project team reflect on the practise and policy background of TCCE’s wider work, as well as the project outputs, outcomes and impacts. The report also present a range of case studies developed as part of the project evaluation. 

The report includes contributions from Darren Henley OBE, Chief Executive at ACE and Dr Stephen Hill, Director of Research at Research England along with our own CVAN national Director Paula Graham-Gazzard's contribution on research collaboration in the twenty-first century: navigating the new policy landscape

The project adapted an innovative research collaboration evaluation methodology developed by the Sustainability Research Group at the University of Brighton led by Prof Marie Harder. Using online collaboration tools, reflection on sustainable impacts was woven into all aspects of the individual research collaborations leading to a particularly rich and sustainable range of impacts and innovative income generation models.