Director's Blog: #CVANFuture National Strategy

As many of our readers will know, CVAN's national network has been going through a process of restructuring moving from a coordinating role for our regional networks to a more advocacy-focused national role. I was appointed as Director in the restructured role in January this year and have been working in consultation with our regional networks to develop a new strategy. Around a hundred visual artists and arts managers responded to our #CVANFuture consultation both online and in regional workshops and we have received great feedback very rich in ideas. In collating and analysing responses I have been struck by how much agreement there is across our regional networks on our key priorities for the next three years. 

CVAN's national Board, made up of the CVAN regional Chairs, met on 26 July to review the strategy document which came out of this process and  the CVAN National Network Strategy to 2021 has been agreed. We have also shared the outputs and analysis of the consultation process with the regional coordinators to use in developing their regional strategies which will also be published on the website. 

We are now working on the detail for a new Communications Strategy to support the National Network Strategy and currently envisage a relaunch of our public-facing identity at the CVAN Summit which is in development for the end of 2019. 

As part of the new strategy, we are developing this blog keeping our networks up to date with policy trends and strategic developments in CVAN national network and across the contemporary visual arts sector as a whole. We will also be working to support better integration across regional communications and in raising the profile of, and advocating for, the visual arts across our regions. 

You can follow our progress on this blog, @CVANnetwork, or sign up for our regular newsletters.