Marketing and Audience Development

The need to widen and deepen audience involvement in the visual arts has been a consistent aim and objective of CVAN South East since its inception.  There have been a number of initiatives over the last 3 years:

Data capture research with Audiences UK

As one of five pilot regions across England, CVAN South East is working with Audiences UK to improve ways of capturing audience data amongst its visual arts organisations. Working together and with a specialist audience development agency, the pilot regional galleries will be able to share and compare information about their own audiences and in doing so, identify areas for development.  Results of the initial phase of this pilot will be available early in 2012.

Research with Audiences South into digital marketing needs

Prior to embarking on specific projects and initiatives, we felt it was important to find out how the South East organisations were currently reaching their audiences. For this we worked in partnership with Audiences South, the audience development agency for the South East, and focused our research into the use of digital marketing tools such as social media and the web. As a result of this and the pilot project below, CVAN South East has been in consultation with marketing specialists from across the region and are currently developing  a new audience focused website for the South East. This will add real value to the individual websites of theCVAN South East organisations and support them in reaching audiences locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. We will be launching early in 2012 to coincide with RELAY and the South East Cultural Olympiad- watch this space!

CVAN South East joint marketing at Venice Biennale

In the Summer of 2009, four organisations from the South East were exhibiting  at the prestigious Venice Biennale. In order to capitalise on this opportunity, CVAN South East produced some targeted marketing materials for the international art press. These adverts brought together the three projects produced by Blast Theory, ArtSWay, De La Warr  Pavilion and Milton Keynes Gallery with the tag line CVAN South East: Developing Contemporary Visual Art in the South East.

CVAN South East’s role in this instance was two fold – to raise the profile of the South East as a region that has artists and venues of international significance and to test the effectiveness of working together as a network in reaching and developing audiences.