Support, Umbrella and Network (SUN) organisations: how they help to make the visual arts stronger.

The Weather Project © Olafur Eliasson Photo © 2003 Tate, London

In January 2010 Annabel Jackson, as the Turning Point evaluator, was asked to investigate how Support, Unbrella and Network organisations (also known affectionately as SUN organisations) feel they can be effectively incorporated into the Turning Network, and what they are and can contribute to Turning Point overall. 

SUN and national organisations were asked about their mission, plans for the next three to five years, opportunities, organisational challenges, views about fragmentation in the sector as well as contact with the Turning Point Network.

Annabel Jackson's findings are written up in a report that you can download from this website today (600kb).

We welcome any feedback on this report, and would ask you to add your views to the comments section today.