Turning Point Network update

Back at the end of April (which seems so long ago in this fast moving landscape) we held a meeting of the Turning Point Network Chairs and Co-ordinators (and Project Managers - sorry Amanda King!) to discuss our collective progress.

The aftermath, and Andrew Brown's reflection in the monitor (that's the only photo of the camera-shy Andrew I'm likely to get!)In advance of the meeting each of the eleven groups that make up the network submitted a short written update (actually, only ten of the eleven did because poor Julia Bell was stranded in the US - darn the ash cloud!). These can be downloaded today, or you can wait to see the more detailed progress report that Annabel Jackson is currently writing, and which will include a logic model for each group's work as well as some learning about the value of the network.

On the day the group discussed the evaluation; began to consider the future of the network beyond the pilot phase (something that will be covered in more depth at the next meeting, on 22 July 2010); and initiated working groups to address three key areas of work:

  • National advocacy for the arts, and the visual arts
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • National Event planning

Chairs were asked to nominate regional group members to sit on these working groups, and they are close to being formed - I'll be sure to publish the final membership of those groups on here in due course.

During the meeting Vivienne Bennett reminded the group that specific pieces of work were being commissioned nationally to address the challenges raised by the sector at last year's national event (click here to download the notes from the event). These include a piece of work being undertaken by Susan Royce and looking at sustainable business models for the visual arts. I will be steadily publishing information about this and other national programmes over the coming weeks and months, so please do subscribe to the website today.