Hard questions

I am a fan of New Philanthropy Capital - a think tank which is ' dedicated to helping funders and charities achieve a greater impact' - see http://www.philanthropycapital.org/

They have recently produced a report called Proving your worth to Whitehall which highlights the key questions which the Treasury is currently asking of other government departments.  They make pretty sobering reading.

Is the activity essential to meet government priorities?

Does the government need to fund it?

Does it provide substantial economic value?

Can it be targeted at those most in need?

How can it be provided more cheaply?

How can it be provided more effectively?

Can the activity come from a non-state provider or by citizens, wholly or in partnership?

Can non-state providers be paid to carry it out according to the results they achieve?

Can local bodies, as opposed to central government, provide it?

NPC sought to answer these questions on behalf of a children's charity.  I wonder what responses we could offer.

Thanks for reading