Curators' Survey

A new survey aimed at curators and artist/curators across the UK has been launched with the aim of investigating existing curatorial work in an international context.  The survey forms a key part of the data collection for a year long research project VIRE (VAGA International Research Enquiry), that aims to support curatorial development by identifying opportunities to promote exchanges, foster partnerships and develop programmes in the future.

VIRE is commissioned by Creative Scotland, managed by VAGA (Visual Arts and Galleries Association) and led by independent curators Kirsteen Macdonald (Glasgow) and Ellen Blumenstein (The Office, Berlin).  VIRE aims to benefit the visual arts sector as a whole by identifying opportunities available to curators at all stages of their careers; working in institutions and independently.

To complete the survey visit: The survey only takes around 20 minutes to complete. Please pass this to any contacts you feel would be interested in contributing to the research.