We're not in Kansas anymore

© Anna Steinberg

The title of this post comes from All About Audiences' excellent conference which I had the real pleasure of speaking at earlier this week on the subject of business models for a new world. I would like to thank Ivan and his team for an excellent day, all of the participants in my break out session for some great ideas and everyone who has contributed to my thinking in this area over the last year.

My final report has just been published - see here.  The world has changed a great deal since I began my work nearly a year ago although I hope that many of the observations I made then still hold true.

However this post is really about an absolutely wonderful new toolkit - the business survival toolkit which Creative & Cultural Skills has developed specifically for our sector and our sole trader/small scale organisations.  It really will reach the parts other toolkits cannot reach!  If you are struggling to get your head around this new, not Kansas, world this is the place to start.  

Thanks for reading