How to Survive the Open


East Midlands Visual Arts Network’s Open Season presents How to Survive the Open featuring curator (formerly of the Mostyn Open), writer and academic Anders Pleass.

Derby Museum and Art Gallery on Thursday 13 December 2012 at 6.00 – 8.00pm.

In partnership with five regional venues, EMVAN presents Open Season, a collectively branded programme of open submission exhibitions and a series of associated events that will consider the 'Open' from the perspective of the artist, the project manager, the curator and the critic. Each event will feature contributions from a variety of individuals.

The ‘Open’ exhibition is where manyartiststake their first steps into the art world, work with their first curator, present to their first public audience, win their first prize, make their first sale. Yet despite this, and a rich pedigree, which includes the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition, the John Moores Painting Prize and the London Open, the format divides opinion and has many detractors who question its quality and its relevance.  Whatever your viewpoint, it is clear that the ‘Open’ generates a great deal of debate!

EMVAN Open Season eventswill also take place as follows:

New Walk Museum and Art Gallery, Leicester - Thursday 7 February, 6 - 8pm - featuring: Jessica Lack, freelance and Guardian journalist and Gordon Dalton, artist, writer and curator

To book a place at any of these events call: 01332 290 606 or visit:

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