Contemporary Art of Walking and East Midlands Visual Arts Netwalk present: Encounter, Nottingham

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Photo: Elizabeth Hawley

EMVAN is working with Contemporary Art of Walking to hold a series of netwalks, Encounters, in each of the counties of the region to follow on from its recent 'On Tour' events.

The walks will offer the opportunity to develop the conversations that were started or connections that were made at those events. The third walk in Nottingham which will include ‘micro navigation’ as a way of experiencing urban walking and becoming more aware of the subtle changes in the street and ground levels will take place between 9.30am and 12.00pm on Thursday 21 June. Participants will be led to PRIMARY, where they are welcome to join The Longest Lunch.

Alison Lloyd of Contemporary Art of Walking will lead the walks, which are designed to bring people together to walk, and in walking together to share an experience. The walks will feature art in a variety of ways, upholding a long-practiced artistic convention of using nature as a catalyst for thought and creativity, Alison has designed and led walks for and in collaboration with Beacon Bi Monthlies, Fermynwoods Contemporary Art, QUAD, Skegness Arts Festival, New Research Trajectories, and the Still Walking Festival, Birmingham.

The other walks will take place over the coming months, the dates of which are to be confirmed.

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