Network event at Google on Wednesday 03 July 2013


Photo credit: Marc Wathieu / / CC BY-NC

This special event will take place on 03 July 2013 and will include:

CVAN/ Google knowledge exchange 

With a global population of highly networked early adopters; artworks delivered to galleries by tweeted downloads; artists being digital engineers and audiences more technically literate - there is a new set of challenges for audiences, galleries, curators and funders to embrace with their audiences. 

A chance for Google to meet CVAN and be introduced to its work and for CVAN members to meet Google and the Google Cultural Institute.

Creating groundswell for visual arts

How can we better interact with audiences and mobilise support? What do we need to consider for the future? What will audiences for visual arts look like in 10 years time and, how will they engage with contemporary art?

With current challenges to the arts and engaging public support, the event will explore: ‘What is the DNA of groundswell? What do we need to know to activate groundswell through our collective audiences?’ It will also test bed ideas, knowledge share and begin to activate a plan for action.

Marking the end of the CVAN Knowledge sharing project 

‘Back to basics’ session exploring how CVAN can communicate more effectively across its distributed networks using technology and non-technology tools. CVAN is a diverse network and whilst some CVAN people are technology focused some have more limited knowledge and restricted access.

Who should attend? 

Contemporary visual arts people who are contributing to creating groundswell for visual arts and are interested in debating ways to mobilise the sector and public. This includes artists, representatives from artists groups as well as people working within visual arts organisations.

The event is free. There is a limited capacity of 100. Places will be bookable on Eventbrite from Friday 24 May.

A limited number of bursaries will be available for artists interested in attending the events and engaging their own networks to help create groundswell for visual arts.