Audience Agency


CVAN is partnering with Audience Agency on their Audience Finder programme, an ambitious big data project for the arts that seeks to bring about real insight and improve practice in public engagement. 

Collectively we are building a national grid of individual visual arts organisations and clusters across England, by using a consistent approach to data gathering and primary research to generate powerful knowledge and intelligence. 

Audience Finder provides tailored support, joint learning, and a suite of online reports, that enables participating organisations to make effective business decisions based on in depth analysis of audience patterns and behaviour. For all organisations involved, there is the opportunity to regularly share information and knowledge on visual arts audiences. 

A pilot programme has already taken place in London, the South East, South West and East Midlands, and national rollout has seen visual arts organisation across England signing up to the scheme. We plan to revisit the organisations involved at regular intervals to track their progress and share their findings nationally. 

Regional ‘Getting Started’ Workshops are taking place across England in January and February. For more information on how to get involved email: