Cultural Campaigning Network

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Twelve months ago a diverse group of more than 25 cross artform and cultural campaigning bodies, including trade associations and trade unions, met to discuss how we could better share information and intelligence, and increase our impact within society by aligning our activities. 

These early meetings have developed into what is now known as the Cultural Campaigning Network, which meets quarterly to share campaigning information. 

It was agreed that facilitating campaigning was not the role of the group, although by regularly meeting and sharing intelligence it might encourage more alliances between members who would work together on public-facing activities. An example of this is the BACC for the Future Campaign, which CCN members supported and promoted and which also inspired Bob and Roberta Smith, in collaboration with Crescent Arts, to develop the Art Party Conference that took place in Scarborough last November.

CVAN supported this event alongside many network peers, and around a thousand people were brought together to discuss, debate and support the need for art education within mainstream education. If you haven’t already seen it, here’s another chance to read artist and writer Iris Priest’s piece on her experience of attending the event - click here to read it

More information about the Cultural Campaigning Network is on their website, at