Museums Association Conference

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At the conference in Liverpool in November CVAN presented a session, in partnership with VAGA, Arts & Heritage and Liverpool Biennial, entitled: Artists and the Elastic Museum. This consisted of a panel discussion and Q&A that addressed the potential of artists’ collaborations with museums.

We also announced The New Opportunities Award (NOA), a completely new award developed by New Expressions and CVAN, working together in partnership with Visual Arts South West, who are taking the lead in managing the scheme. NOA will resource 6 -10 small scale, experimental or innovative, artist-led museum interventions, selected in open competition. At least half of the awards will support contemporary visual artists and museums with little or no previous experience of joint collaboration. 

NOA provides a superb opportunity for shared experimentation and learning. The availability of mentoring advice and support from the New Expressions team is a key aspect of the award. The projects selected for support by the scheme will be part of the “family” of artists and museum staff taking part in New Expressions 3 (NE3), and during 2014/15 NOA participants will be invited to take part in the NE3 programme of field visits, workshops and seminars.

Each of the NOA projects will be featured on the NE3 and CVAN websites. 

Award: up to a maximum of £4,000 per project, to include research and development and artist fee. 

For further details on eligibility, and to apply, go to: