Cultural Campaigning Network Update

ImageL launch of My Theatre Matters stickers from UK Theatre on Twitter

ImageL launch of My Theatre Matters stickers from UK Theatre on Twitter

On a quarterly basis CVAN attends the Cultural Campaigning Network group, a forum for UK cross artform campaigning bodies.

This is a forum where bodies can exchange intelligence and plans, changes in policy that affect the sector, and also agree mutual high-level campaigning messages at appropriate times (e.g. in the lead up to Spending Reviews, General Elections, etc.).

For further information click here - and see below for an update on the most recent meeting.


Cultural Commons

In October 2014, the two UK-wide organisations that specifically support and represent local creative cultural activity, Voluntary Arts and Arts Development UK, launched a major new initiative in response to the changing landscape of cultural provision in local areas. Our Cultural Commons sets out to explore new ways to sustain and develop the creative lives of our communities in all their diversity.  Ways based on the assets we already know we have and can deploy rather than beginning with a deficit in what we have lost or never had. For further information go to: or following them on Facebook and Twitter @CulturalCommon

53 (63) Million Artists

53 Million Artists (soon to be 63 Million) is looking for partners beyond the capital and away from the arts to help us activate 'everyday artists' across the UK. Click for more information in this pdf link. 

Orchestras Everywhere

Association of British Orchestras have launched their Orchestras Everywhere campaign, for further information see the video below.


The Heritage Alliance have launched their Manifesto; to find further details on this and the details behind these points go to

The Crafts Council have also produced a Manifesto for further information and to download a copy go to:

Policy Changes:

Lobbying Act

CVAN members are  strongly advised to read this from NCVO on the Lobbying Act and registering with the Electoral Commission. This has implications for any organisation considering lobbying in the run up to the Election in May 2015. All organisations are encouraged to discuss it at Board level, even if the decision is not to register in the end in order to ensure the discussion has been documented. Click here to read:

The Independent Theatre Council have details on the changes to Access to Work and how they are affecting deaf and disabled artists. For further information go to: