Degrees guide: perfect companion to the degree show season

The 48-page a-n Degree Shows Guide 2014 is out now, and it's the biggest yet. 

Featuring more than 60 forthcoming shows across the UK, the Degree Shows Guide 2014 is packed with all you need to know when visiting degree shows around the UK – including tips from artists, curators and academics on what to look out for, plus the views of graduating students as they head towards this key time.

"Degree shows are a kind of barometer for what new artists are thinking about and how they are approaching the making of work," says curator Kirsty Ogg in her interview for the Perspectives section. "That’s important because it’s something that changes on a generational basis – people grow up in a different socio-economic, political context, surrounded by a specific cultural framework, and that absolutely informs their practice."

Elsewhere in the guide, academics ponder what a ‘successful’ degree show should do, there are tips on buying work, and a catch up with 2013 graduate Ali Reed, who has had an eventful first year as an artist – including setting up a studio space in Stoke city centre, a three-week residency in Wakefield, and in March winning the New Art West Midlands prize.

You can view a-n's Degree Shows Guide 2014 online via issuu at this link. Contact for an embed code if you would like the Degree Shows Guide 2014 to be available directly on your website for your viewers to browse and enjoy.

Make the most of this unique time in the art year: use the publication to guide you to degree shows near you. You can tweet about your visit using the hashtags #degreeshows and #andegrees14 to be part of the collective celebration of this year's art and design graduates.