Visual Arts Working Together next steps

On Monday 19th May over 120 visual arts professionals met at the Southbank Centre, London for the Visual Arts Working Together event delivered and funded by our London Network -  the Visual Arts London Strategy Group. This was an opportunity for a national conversation with the attendees proposing topics of discussion that they felt were needed nationally across the sector. 

Following a Keynote Speech from John Kampfner, Director of the newly created Creative Industries Federation and Chair of Turner Contemporary, attendees signed up to topics spread across the day which included: Co-commissioning and collecting, partnerships and economies of scale, partnering with Higher Education Institutions, the Visual Arts Ecology and the role of National Portfolio Organisations, Ethics of Fundraising and Fair Pay for sectoral workers and National Advocacy.

The sessions chaired by the London Network members and noted by our regional coordinators are being transcribed into a document with links to relevant reports, documents and websites for supporting information, along with an outline of next steps and actions, and we plan to share this with you soon. 

This event was always about the start of a better national conversation, trying to solve practical issues with good solutions and encouraging more collaboration both regionally and between London and the regions, and we feel we have sufficient information from the people on the ground to follow up with tangible actions that can benefit the sector and engage the attendees further.