EU culture going international

Creative goods account for 4.3 % of the EU external exports, and cultural export is also one of the key elements in the development of creative ecosystems, says a new report by the Open Method of Coordination (OMC) Member States Expert Group on Cultural and Creative Sectors’ Export and Internationalisation Support Strategies.

This report is the outcome of the work carried out by a group of experts representing the 28 EU Member States within the Open Method of Coordination. It highlights the huge potential for internationalisation in the cultural and creative sectors and the successful support measures implemented across Europe.

There was unanimity within the Working Group that cultural and creative sectors are in a strategic position to promote smart, sustainable and inclusive growth in the EU. The Group is convinced that Europe’s cultural diversity and rich heritage, combined with the talent of artists and CCS companies as well as high-quality education, form a distinctive competitive advantage for European cultural and creative exports.

However, the Working Group also identified weaknesses and challenges that need to be addressed by policy makers at different levels in order to unlock the full export potential of European CCS. To facilitate that, the Working Group makes a limited amount of recommendations that are targeted at support and financing; intellectual property rights (IPR); CCS cooperation and visibility; and professional and further education and training.

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