The Hyde Bridge Gallery 2015 Call Out

From Muriel Foxton's exhibition at Hyde Bridge Gallery, Something Like a Good Armchair

From Muriel Foxton's exhibition at Hyde Bridge Gallery, Something Like a Good Armchair

The Hyde Bridge Gallery has launched its 2015 Submission Call.

The Gallery is a commercial art gallery run by the Yeats Society. The main objective of the Hyde Bridge Gallery is to encourage all artistic endeavours within the local, national and international community. It also provides space for the exhibition of contemporary art, and provides a forum for all artistic endeavours within a historical space.

Located by Douglas Hyde Bridge on the Garavogue River, the Hyde Bridge Gallery is housed on the second floor of the Yeats Memorial Building.

Local, national and international artists (solo/group) are invited to send submissions to the Gallery by Friday 12th September 2014.

There is an admission fee of €15 per submission, which will be deducted from your deposit if you are selected.

Please send an Artist CV, Artist statement and 6-8 images of work (jpeg) with each work labelled with size, medium, date and title. In the case of a group show each artist must submit CV, statement and images.

Exhibition Rates

Payment of €150.00 per week, or, in the event of sales of exhibited items exceeding €600.00, 25% of the payment received, will be paid to the Yeats Society (Sligo) Incorporated, on or before the first day of the exhibition, any additional amount from sales, to be paid on the last day of the exhibition.

Payment options
1. Cheque / Postal Order payable to The Yeats Society, Sligo.
2. Paypal via our website - Go to Hyde Bridge Gallery, Information for exhibitors, support our work, Donation.
3. Payment may be made by Credit Transfer to:
• IBAN: IE04 AIBK 9372—5848 7010—66 BIC: AIBKIE 2 D

(Please label payments with Hyde Bridge Gallery and your name)

Submissions are to be sent to:

Hydge Brigde Gallery, Yeats Memorial Building, Sligo, Ireland.
Tel: +353 (0)71 9142693
Email: Web: