Opportunity for Curators & Directors to Meet Chinese Artists


Sarah Fisher, Interim Director of the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art, Manchester is facilitating a major opportunity, via CVAN, to introduce or connect Curators and Directors in the UK with exceptional Chinese artists while they are here for a major exhibition (click here for more info on the exhibition).

Sarah said: "On the 27th of September we will open Harmonious Society, the largest exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Art the UK has seen, across six venues in Manchester. The exhibition features over 30 artists, the majority of whom will be here for the VIP preview day on the 26th September.

"Many of these artists have represented their country at major international biennials, but there are also exciting emerging artists coming to Manchester, many that rarely visit the UK.

"I am mindful that for UK visual arts organisations travelling to China, Hong Kong and Taiwan to meet artists is financially prohibitive - indeed research trips seemed to be the first thing to go when funding became tight. We see part of our role as connecting Curators and Directors with artists based internationally and want to offer curators across the Contemporary Visual Arts Network the opportunity to meet with some of these exciting artists.

"We hold a list of artists attending and encourage Curators/Directors keen to meet them to make direct contact with me so we can facilitate meetings. Email sarah@cfcca.org.uk for more information."

On Sept 29th the University of Salford is hosting the Harmonious Society conference at its Media City UK site. The conference features international thinkers, curators and artists. For more information click here