Blast Theory Produce User Guide to Crowdfunding

In October 2014 CVAN South East partners Blast Theory ran a crowdfunding campaign to support development of their new artistic app, Karen.

They didn't just hit their target, but exceeded it; but not without hours of work to explore every possibility for making a successful campaign. Messaging, targeting, rewards, video, strategy, engagement; all required effort, and in the end brought results.

Blast Theory have now packaged that experience into a 28-page guide to crowdfunding, to help other organisations and individuals who want to use crowdfunding to support their work.

"I’ve no doubt the landscape of crowdfunding will change, what once worked may not in a few years and every campaign will need a fresh focus," says Blast Theory's business director Kirsty Jennings. "What I do hope is that this guide will be a good place to start for anyone wondering if crowdfunding is for them."

For more information and to download a copy of the guide, visit the Blast Theory website here.