Can You Help Culture Action Europe's Survey on Social Protection?

Are you a freelancer? Do you work on a project basis? Do you jump from one fixed-term contract to another? Are you a solo self-employed?

Then this survey is for you!

By answering this survey you will allow us to better understand the gaps in social protection (ie health-related risks) according to the social status or countries.
Help us raise awareness about your difficulties, answer this survey!

You will help Culture Action Europe to raising awareness on your specific situation. 

Culture Action Europe (CAE) set up, among others, the Welfare line, a working group that aims at raising awareness on the impact of employment evolution on the access to social protection.
With this international survey, in collaboration with SMartBe, CAE focuses on protection against health-related risks. By health related risks we mean all conditions that affect your health and thus capacity to work, such as: illness, professional injury, occupational disease, long term care, baring and giving birth to a child.

This survey is available in several languages, click on your language to access the survey: