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Photo from Creative & Cultural Skills on  Facebook

Photo from Creative & Cultural Skills on Facebook

CVAN is supporting the work of Creative and Cultural Skills and want to encourage more visual arts professionals to become Industry Advisors.

The role of an Industry Advisor may include:
•             feeding into CCSkill's  programmes and activities
•             promoting their work
•             help them extend their reach into their sector and beyond.
They ask for their advice on a range of matters, including:
•             qualification reform
•             industry trends
•             development of our Skills Academy networks
•             live briefs for students in our education partner institutions
•             development of careers advice content for Creative Choices.
How Industry Advisors work:
Advisors may be consulted individually or invited to participate in small 'task and finish' groups as appropriate.
CCskills are keen that Advisors also sign up to be on an 'Ask an Expert' panel i on the Creative Choices website. This allows you to offer your expertise directly to the people who need it. 
At the moment CCskills do not have a Visual Arts experts so this is an area that CVAN are looking to encourage. For further information go to: