Allenheads Contemporary Arts: Lead Artist Opportunity

‘As Above so Below’ in a spatiotemporal existence

Phase 1: Call out for Lead Artist

All applications and enquiries must be made here

Phase 1: Lead artist:

Research and production across all areas of AASB

The lead artist will work with ACA to develop strategies for the projects development while continuing with their own practice towards new work. This will include engagement with local and international artists, forming reciprocal, professional relationships with experts from other fields of relevant art/science subjects and cultivating a divers and dynamic contributing audience.

During the residency period the lead artist will create new work and expand his/her existing professional network through remote and personal meetings and symposia that will feed into the development of AASB.

Additional artists in residence will contribute into the project, along with emerging artists, student placements and AASB Fellows.

Project  outcome will be a diverse collective of imagery and texts; a collective response to the subject of creativity, invention, critique and the diversity of interpretation, an insight into the insatiable human thirst for knowledge through the competitive need to progress.

It is the aim of ACA to work cooperatively with other venues to potentially tour the result of this project.

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