Wolff Olins and Arts Marketing Association unite to develop resilience in the arts

The Arts Marketing Association (AMA) and Wolff Olins are announcing a new partnership to create a series of online learning courses designed to support the development of organisational resilience in museums, libraries and the wider arts, culture and heritage sector.

The programme, which has been funded by Arts Council England, will unite Wolff Olins’ world-class expertise in international brand and business development with the AMA’s extensive experience in creating impactful training in marketing, fundraising and leadership for the arts, culture and heritage sector. Through a customisable online learning tool developed by Wolff Olins called ‘Curve,’ the programme aims to challenge, inspire and connect leaders and emerging leaders. It will support them in developing an exciting sense of organisational purpose, create robust businesses that galvanise audiences, and build agile, adaptable internal cultures. The courses will include contributions from leading experts, best practice case studies and tools and techniques to put theory into practice.

Julie Aldridge, Executive Director at the AMA said, “Through these courses we want to help equip leaders with the knowledge, skills and ideas that will enable them to face the challenges of the future in a creative and resilient way. The AMA has more than 20 years’ experience of developing training programmes which support arts and heritage organisations to become vision led and audience focused. Becoming resilient isn’t something that you do as a one-off planning exercise. These online courses will help leaders from museums, libraries and the wider arts, culture and heritage sector to explore how to create a resilient model, organisational culture and way of working to enable them to remain relevant and viable now and into the future.”

Robert Jones, Head of New Thinking at Wolff Olins said, "Wolff Olins has always aimed to creatively partner with some of the world’s most ambitious leaders who want to act on the opportunities that matter. With our newly introduced learning tool, Curve, we’ve developed a programme that will share our experience of working with some of the biggest global brands to deliver deep, meaningful change across and beyond their organisations. Today’s arts and
heritage leaders need to constantly challenge themselves and their organisations to ensure they remain relevant and resilient in the future. Our courses will support them in doing thi

John Orna-Ornstein, Director of Museums at Arts Council England said, “These are really difficult times for arts and heritage organisations and there is huge pressure on funding. As I look at organisations who are doing well despite the challenging environment I have no doubt that they are led by people who are ambitious, thoughtful and connected and who are really clear about what it is that they are trying to achieve. We have been supporting resilience programmes across the country, including the AMA’s Future Proof Museums, but these online courses will allow us to reach far more people in many more organisations both in the UK and overseas who will benefit from the expertise Wolff Olins and the AMA bring. It has huge potential for museums, libraries and the arts and I urge those who are passionate about creating a resilient future to get involved.”

The courses will launch in early 2016 and further information will be announced. To find out more and to register your details visit www.a-m-a-resilience.co.uk