Work/Leisure Residencies

Work/Leisure is a pilot programme of five residencies, inviting emerging and mid-career artists to work alongside the community of resident artists based at Abingdon Studios, Blackpool.

These short term residencies are non-prescriptive and designed to enable artists to research and develop new work in the historically and culturally unique location of Blackpool.

Resident’s activities will be made public through temporary events, open studios and/or public exhibition; opportunities which encourage interaction and dialogue between resident artists and audiences in Blackpool and the wider region.

Applicants will be selected following an international open call. Whilst the residencies are non-prescriptive, applicants are encouraged to be mindful of the unique site and the historical and contemporary context afforded by Blackpool. Applicants are encouraged to familiarise themselves with this context in advance of submitting their application.

Residencies will take place between February and July 2016. Each residency is bespoke and the structure determined through dialogue with the successful applicant. Each residency requires 10 days working on-site in Blackpool and that no single residency last longer than 30 days.

Additionally, the successful applicant will be required to deliver a short presentation on their current/past practice and deliver a public presentation of work produced during their time in residence in any appropriate format (e.g. exhibition, event, screening, discussion etc.)

Further information and a downloadable application brief can be found at can be found at;