CVAN 2016 New Year Agenda

As we come to the end of 2015 and 2016 looms ahead, CVAN have a number of things that we are looking forward to in the New Year that we want to share

From Monday 4 January – the EBACC Campaign stage 2 and stage 3 will commence and as a key supporter of the campaign we will be encouraging people to respond to the consultation and write to their MPs making the case to retain creative subjects within the EBACC. More to follow in January's advocacy newsletter. 

In January we will also continue to work on pulling together our visual arts case making in partnership with a-n and consultants DHA. We plan to build on the work we undertook to submit a paper to Treasury pre CSR making the case for the visual arts and look to build our case for continued investment from stakeholders including local authorities. 

CVAN are also on the Project Steering Group overseeing the ACE funded research in to Artists' Livelihoods that a-n, TBR and James Doeser have been commissioned to undertake. The research will provide a comprehensive understanding of how visual artists in England live and work, depending on the nature of their practice, where they are located and social, economic and cultural influencing factors. Findings will be distributed post March 2016.

In March we will host an event at Leeds Art Gallery on Valuing Artists, using case studies and presentations to explore the often intangible benefits that artists bring to sociery including the role that artists have in defining the cultural shape of our towns and cities. More details to follow early in the New Year.