Contribute Your Thoughts on the Audience Finder Programme

This month CVAN will be meeting with Audience Agency and ACE to discuss the first year findings from the Audience Finder Programme.

In order to inform that conversation, we want to hear from both those signed up and engaged in the process and just as importantly, those who are not. We are interested to know:

For those signed up and engaged in the process:

  • How are you finding the process?
  • Do you find it achievable in terms of a structure within the visual arts?
  • How are you finding collecting data? Are you able to meet the minimum target of data collection?
  • What are your thoughts on the interim report issued?

For those who are not signed up to the scheme or decided not to sign up:

  • Tell us your reasons for not signing up?
  • Who do you currently use to gather audience information?
  • What will be the implications TO YOU of ACE requiring NPOs to sign up to Audience Finder by 2016 as a condition of funding

To submit your feedback via email click here or email Please also forward any other thoughts that you feel might be useful to share.