YVAN to commission services

Yorkshire & Humber Visual Arts Network Communications Strategy and Delivery

Tidal Gathering, Community Arts Workshop by James Brunt, YVAN small grant awardee 2014.jpg

The Yorkshire & Humber Visual Arts Network (YVAN) is the Yorkshire member of the national Contemporary Visual Arts Network (CVAN).  It is led by a steering group drawn from the region’s community of visual artists and visual arts professionals.
Our work is informed by the themes and priorities set out in the YVAN Strategy. YVAN is engaged in a wide-ranging programme of projects, initiatives and conversations intended to meet these themes and priorities.  

These include:
•    A programme of sector-facing seminars addressing areas of common concern to the Visual      Arts (VA) sector
•    A programme of curated conversations with VA sector leaders around the region
•    Support of the British Art Show and Hull2017
•    A programme of small grants to artists
•    Participation in the Yorkshire & Humber What Next? Group
•    Support to cultural entrepreneurs
•    Full participation in CVAN national programme 

Publicity, Marketing and Advocacy Strategy
Although YVAN has its own page on the CVAN website, a Facebook page and a Twitter account, its role and programme is not as widely known as it should be.
YVAN is seeking to commission two services: 
1.    The research & writing of a short Communications strategy
2.    The delivery of publicity, marketing and communication services to underpin the recommendations of the Strategy. 

These two roles can be applied for separately, or applicants can apply to provide both.  Applicants can be individuals, companies or organisations.  The application procedure is set out below.

Communications Strategy
YVAN seeks an individual or company to undertake an analysis of YVAN’s publicity, marketing and communications presence and to develop a short, practical strategy for improving that presence.
The strategy should include:
•    Steps that YVAN can take to improve its profile in the VA Sector
•    How YVAN can best optimise its social media presence
•    Whether a dedicated YVAN website would benefit the organisation
•    Suggest the framework for a YVAN newsletter
•    How YVAN can most effectively communicate advocacy messages to their appropriate              target
•    An indicative budget for the proposed actions
The fee, inclusive of transport, admin, office and costs, VAT and other taxes, for carrying out the above work to be £1,200.  

Publicity, Marketing & Communications Delivery
YVAN seeks an individual or company to provide marketing, publicity and communications services for the network.  This will include:
•    Cleanout and update of email database
•    Establish newsletter, provide some content & mail out
•    Regular updating of social media accounts
•    Promotion of YVAN events & programmes
•    Draft post-event questionnaires, email to participants & collate results
•    Update website presence

The fee, inclusive of transport, admin, office and all in-house costs, VAT and other taxes, for carrying out the above services for 12 months to be £3,500.  YVAN will pay for agreed additional out-of-pocket expenses (subscriptions, software, advertising costs etc.) where necessary.

How to Apply:  
To apply for either or both of these roles, please submit a Word or PDF document by email to the address below.
Applications should include:
1.    A short description of your (or your company’s) relevant experience including examples from your portfolio
2.    Why you feel that you (or your company) would best meet YVAN’s marketing needs
3.    A provisional budget, setting out clearly your daily rate
4.    Two references

Applications should be emailed to Steve Manthorp at steve@manthorp.co.uk by midnight on Friday 15th May.