CVAN attended the Cultural Campaigns Network meeting

The discussion centred around the Autumn Spending review and the need for the cultural sector to be submitting information now to inform thinking by Government in the early Autumn. The budget will be set for the next four years and colleagues in Treasury and DCMS are currently modelling significant cuts, from between 25%-40% so it’s important that we the cultural sector make the most robust case possible for investment.

Alongside this ongoing case making we are being encouraged by Government to consider different ways tax breaks and incentives and changes to policy might help our existing investment going further. Here we take a look at what other artforms are proposing as we continue to consider our ask from the visual arts sector.
The Association of British Orchestras are looking to Government to create corporation tax breaks similar to the Rouanet Law in Brazil to create a model for incentivising sponsorship in the UK, recognising that sponsorship and philanthropy are different and therefore need different approaches, for more information click here.
UK Theatre is calling for the 2006 relaxation on Gift Aid extended to works of art that are performances. This would have a major positive impact in stimulating philanthropic giving to the arts, particularly outside London where the majority of theatres are run by charities. Read more here.
CVAN is currently talking with its VAUK partners to consider whether the visual arts sector could pull together up 5 proposals to submit to Government mid September that make the case for tax breaks for the visual arts that could benefit both artists and organisation. If you have suggestions please forward them via our Submit a Story section on our website.

For more information on the group click here