YVAN’s Nourish Programme

YVAN’s Nourish programme was a series of Curated Conversations held around the Yorkshire & Humber region.  The programme was delivered by Clare Price and Kate Genever, who designed the events to enable and encourage a wide-ranging conversation about the factors that affect the sector.

YVAN invited artists, arts professionals and a few professionals from outside the sector to four events in Wakefield, Harrogate, Hull and Sheffield.  We chose the sector’s movers and shakers, people who, we think, can collectively provide that voice of the visual arts.

YVAN listened to the conversation and will distil and disseminate it.  We will use it to re-shape our mission so that it better meet the needs of the sector.  We hope that Nourish may also leave a legacy of a continuing platform for conversation within the sector and a mechanism for achieving change.