Bacc for the Future: Update

Lord Kenneth Baker has called for a new baccalaureate which offers a broader curriculum and helps young people to develop a range of technical and academic skills.

In his capacity as Chair of the Edge Foundation Lord Baker, a former Secretary of State for Education, argues that the current baccalaureate (EBacc) set out by the Government is an old fashioned curriculum which offers no space for creative or technical education.

Instead, the report recommends a baccalaureate which includes a creative and a technical subject, as well as English, maths, two sciences and a humanities subject. The latter would be extended to include foreign languages, as well as history or geography, in contrast to the current structure which treats foreign languages separately.

The Bacc for the Future campaign is a broad coalition of more than 200 organisations and more than 100,000 individuals united in our opposition to the new EBacc proposals. Whilst we do not endorse particular proposals, we note that Lord Baker has announced a further alternative to the compulsory EBacc and encourage the Department for Education to carefully consider all options when responding to the EBacc consultation.

The full document 14-19 Education: A New Baccalaureate and a summary can be found here.