Art History A Level saved

Yesterday it was announced that Pearson will offer the A level in History of Art from September 2017. This comes after a few weeks of uncertainty after an announcement that the subject would be axed from 2018.

In a statement, The Association of Art Historians (AAH) said:

'Today’s announcement from Pearson Education regarding the development of a new GCE History of Art specification is a significant occasion for art history in education. The statement regarding the new specification - available for teaching from September 2017 - also serves as an important milestone in ensuring that young people will continue to have the opportunity to learn about art history through a formal, accredited level 5 qualification.

Earlier announcements regarding the possible discontinuation of GCE History of Art triggered unprecedented support for our subject, within and beyond education. This level of media coverage, political engagement and public petitioning has scarcely - if ever - been witnessed for art history. Such support conclusively demonstrates the continued importance and relevance of the subject and with the new GCE specification enables us to champion the study of art history as an important opportunity for learning and insight.

The new specification will allow us to build upon the successes of the previous A Level whilst developing new approaches to understanding art history and visual cultures and discovering new abilities, skills and modes of inquiry.'

The AAH will release more information regarding next steps soon, however their long-term education goals are to grow and widen awareness and recognition of the value of art history, within and beyond formal education settings and we will be developing a new site to support this work at

Youcan keep up to date with their work via Facebook and on Twitter @arthistorians, @AAHeducation – and via the hashtags #ArtHistory #ThinkingAboutArt #WhyArtHistoryMatters