Creative Art Writing Workshops | Call for participants

Deadline:17 February 2016

University of Edinburgh (School of Art), University of Strathclyde (Creative Writing), University of Glasgow (Creative Writing) & Glasgow School of Art (Forum for Critical Inquiry) are collaborating on a series of SGSAH workshops that aim to facilitate creative writers & art writers to be more adept professional scholars in their respective fields. The workshops will enable PhD students to effectively share the different tactics, research methods, systems of distribution & audiences of their related writing-based disciplines.  The workshops are funded through the Cohort Development Funding competition at SGSAH.

Creative Art Writing will enable art writers & creative writers to share their approaches to research, composition & distribution. The workshops will provide a structure to facilitate this exchange by developing a convivial training environment that is inherently amenable to creative practice on its own terms.

The research methods, narrative, visual & material modes employed by both disciplines & the contexts in which their works are distributed can harbour distinct values & approaches. Yet, there are just as manyapproaches that art writers & creative writers have in common, for example:

  • they are practice-based researchers
  • writing is pursued as a research method, creative practice & craft
  • their creative outcome (writing) embodies their contribution to knowledge
  • they engage in field-work and learning-in-action

This means that creative writers & art writers have a great deal to learn from each other. Creative writers & art writers working on PhD research will share methods, skills & approaches & learn new ways of collectively producing & distributing their work. The workshops will transform our understanding of the forms that research writing can take & of the many ways in which it can be distributed.  

To facilitate interaction & build a community of practice, there are 12 places available on the workshop open to all creative writing & fine art PhD students attending any SGSAH member Higher Education Institution.

To apply:

The first meeting of the workshop will involve all contributors & facilitators giving a 10min presentation on how they approach the composition & distribution of their writing. Please submit your proposal, of no more than 300 words, before 17 February 2016. Indicate any special requirements you may have for your contribution. Using the Subject header ‘Creative Art Writing’ e-mail your proposalto, including your name & your University affiliation & relevant web link.

The selection of proposals will be completed by 22 February 2016.

Please note that it is imperative that you are able to participate in all three workshop meetings.

Workshop 1 - March 21st 2016 (9am-5pm) Centre for Contemporary Art (Clubroom), Glasgow
The first workshop will enable 12 participants to induct each other into their own disciplinary approaches. Through discussion of presentations, we will arrive at a working consensus for the second residential workshop.

Workshop 2 - 22nd & 23rd April (Two Days) Hospitalfield Arts, Arbroath
The residential workshop will develop a series of collaborative exercises adapted specifically to the needs of the participants as identified through the first workshop. The residential will provide space & time for participants to develop experimental writing practices together. We will make use of Hospitalfield House’s archives & its studio facilities.

Workshop 3 - 24th May 2016 (9am-5pm) Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop
The final workshop will focus on systems of distribution. For this workshop we will engage non-academic facilitators. We will make use of ESW’s production & distribution facilities. While not essential, it is hoped that the workshop participants will collectively produce & publish/exhibit the outcome of their endeavours before the end of 2016.