NE CVAN’s third series of artist films continues with Toby Lloyd and Andrew Wilson

Having been working together since 2012, in January 2015 artists Toby Lloyd and Andrew Wilson re-located from Newcastle upon Tyne to be the first occupants of Artist House 45, a long-term live/work artist residency developed by East Street Arts in a traditional two-bedroom, back-to-back home in the residential area of Beeston, South Leeds. Using this locus as a springboard for creative engagement Lloyd & Wilson discuss their enduring interest in the social dynamics of the public house, the overlapping roles of spectator and participant and the possibilities of shared space for unpicking social boundaries.

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Commissioned by the North East Contemporary Visual Arts Network (CVAN), this is the second of seven films exclusively launched in an on-going partnership with This Is Tomorrow

Taking stock of the increasing national and international recognition that artists based in the North East are attracting, this third series of films continues to profile and celebrate the recent bodies of work and wider practices of the selected artists.