New research to address the relationship between arts policy and the creative practices and livelihoods of artists

A new in-depth research project developed by visual arts specialist Susan Jones within MIRIAD at Manchester School of Art aims to explore the interrelationship between artists' creative practices and livelhoods and arts policies.

Through case studies of arts policies such as Year of the Artist and the Artists' Insights (Artists Time Space Money) initiative it will provide a contextual analysis of a selection of UK arts policies since 1990 that intended to enhance artists' practices through improving their professional status, assessing impact at the time and beyond.

Alongside, the fine grain analysis of the motivations of a sample of both established and emerging artists will identify the desirable conditions and contexts for pursuit of a creative practice and making a living, comparing these with the perceptions and expectations of artists by mediators and policymakers. The overall intention is to understand and address any gap between the ambitions of arts policies for artists and artists' own aspirations and to identify from within or beyond the arts effective new models and a rationale for the environments that are conducive to fostering the talents of artists.

Contributions whilst the case studies are scoped within this research study are welcomed via, particularly from those who took part in Year of the Artist or Artists Insights, whether as an artist, arts organiser or arts funding officer.