Wolfgang Tillmans advocates Remain campaign in posters

Turner prize winning German artist, Wolfgang Tillmans has created a series of posters in support of Britain remaining in Europe. As well as advocating the remain campaign, this collection of posters also promotes voting registration, the deadline for which is June 7 2016.

The artist spoke out on his website:

I feel that we have reached a critical moment that could prove to be a turning point for Europe as we know and enjoy it– one that might result in a cascade of problematic consequences and political fall-out. Firstly, the weakening of the EU is a goal being actively pursued by strongmen like Vladimir Putin and European parties on the far-right. Brexit could effectively spell the end of the EU. It’s a flawed and problematic institution, but on the whole it stands for a democratic worldview, human rights and favours cooperation over confrontation.

The collection of posters are available as free downloads on the artists' website and the link to share on social media is: http://tillmans.co.uk/campaign-eu

See the full collection of posters here