CRAFT EMERGENCY 2016 - Call for Submissions

Aspex is seeking emerging craft artists, designers and makers working in all media for its open submission exhibition CRAFT EMERGENCY. This is an international opportunity, seeking applications from anyone who considers themselves to be an emerging craft artist.

This years CRAFT EMERGENCY is in collaboration with Making Space, a studio and craft development organisation located in Havant.

Director of Making Space Lynne Dick, said: “I was a panellist for the first CRAFT EMERGENCY and it’s great to be back working in partnership with Aspex.”

“Very often craft can be seen as something to be viewed in a shop or sold at a weekend craft fair – with no place in a contemporary art gallery, but Aspex is taking a lead in developing new exhibition opportunities and supporting new talent, and I’m pleased Making Space is helping to make this happen.”

A maximum of fifteen artists will be selected for a group show, which will open in November 2016. During this exhibition a winner will be chosen to receive a solo exhibition at Aspex in 2018, as well as a fee of £1,000.

The selectors are: Annabelle Campbell, Head of Exhibitions and Collections, Crafts Council; Lynne Dick, Director, Making Space; Thomas Appleton, Letter carver & Stonemason and Joanne Bushnell, Director, Aspex.

Selector, and CRAFT EMERGENCY 2014 winner Thomas Appleton said: “winning CRAFT EMERGENCY created an incredible opportunity to develop my creative practice. Working with Aspex has had a profound impact on my work.”

Previous winners include Malene Hartmann Rasmussen, whose solo show ‘Waldeinsamkeit’ (pictured) previewed at Aspex earlier this month.

Malene said: “CRAFT EMERGENCY is special to me, as it was the first prize I won with my ceramic work.”

“Winning Craft Emergency gave me the opportunity, a great gallery-space and the time needed, to plan and design what is the largest show I’ve done till date.”

Deadline for submissions is Sunday 10 July. Visit for more information.