Stiwdio Maelor Artist Residency

Stiwdio Maelor is an artist residency in Wales, UK which has been set up as a place artists can go in order to focus on their work, meet other artists, and experience a new environment and community. Stiwdio Maelor provides accommodation and workspace in a Welsh village. Artists are provided with a bedroom and a studio, shared kitchen, bathroom and dining/common room in a large house on the main street of the village of Corris, Wales.

During a stay at Stiwdio Maelor, artists can expect a productive and creative experience, meeting other artists from all over the world and become acquainted with new friends in Maelor and in the village. Artists spend their time creating, reading, and walking in nature.

Stiwdio Maelor welcomes professional artists, writers and other creatives – emerging, mid-career or established to apply for their current residency opportunities. Email for information and an application form.