Image: Paul Robinson

Image: Paul Robinson

It’s LIQUID Group is selecting interesting video art, photography, painting, installation/sculpture and performance art works to include in their next event: LIQUID ROOMS – THE LABYRINTH, It’s LIQUID International Art Show, that will be hosted in Venice from February 10 to 28, 2017, during the Venice Carnival 2017.

LIQUID ROOMS – THE LABYRINTH is an invitation for artists to analyse their inner path, searching for their own identity, as artists and as human beings. In the myths of different world cultures the labyrinth represents an itinerary to overtake a complex situation and to discover a way out, a target to reach to express themselves.

To submit work, send examples of your work with a CV/biography, some still images (for video-art), links of videos/films/performances and pictures of artworks via e-mail to

More information can be found here.