Crafts Council Career Start Up: How do I start and structure my creative business?

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On Wednesday 17 January 2018 Crafts Council are holding a career start up event at The Yan, Grizedale Forest, Hawkshead. 

The aim of the day is to provide information and skills development for amateurs and early career professional looking to set up and structure a creative business from their artworks and designs.

Why should you attend?

  • Find out about how to turn your making into your brand and a business tool
  • Get direct and professional advice on the key logistics of how to structure a creative business and how to build an audience for your business
  • Maker presentations, offering their knowledge, advice and expertise on how they set up their business.

Who is speaking?

  • Talent Development manager Katia Stewart, has over 10 years’ experience in working in the arts and working to support the business and creative development of artists and makers from amateurs to established professionals.
  • Two established makers providing an insight to their business and giving valuable advice on their experiences with setting up their businesses

What is on offer?

  • Advice on the logistics that need to be considered on where to start with marketing your craft, the potential costs and how to utilise your time and investment
  • Inspirational speakers to advise and to help you realise your brand ambitions and growth of your creative business
  • What is a brand? Key knowledge and advice given to finding your unique selling point that will help establish your brand

Book now: £40 (£30 Early Bird tickets available until Friday 15 December 2017)

Full information about the event can be found here.