Jamboree: pre-registration open


Jamboree 2018 is a bespoke artist-led professional development festival taking place from 28 June to 1 July 2018.

The festival will bring together 150 visual artists, curators and programmers to Dartington Estate in Devon. Over four days, attendees will navigate a participant-built programme of presentations, micro-exhibitions, activities and discussions to share practice. 

Jamboree's aim is to support the development of a geographically dispersed, national network of artists and curators. Jamboree 2018 will enable essential, productive connections to be made between participants; supporting artists and curators to meet; share experiences, exchange skills, test out ideas & broaden the reach of their work.

Pre-registration for the event is now open ensuring:

  • attendees are professionally engaged in visual arts practice 
  • there is a mix of participants coming from across the UK
  • there is a mix of artists and curators with a range of different practices and approaches 
  • artists and curators at different stages of their professional career attend

The pre-registration process also ensures that the organisers of Jamboree do their best to reach outside of their own limited networks - in terms of geography, the work that they already  come into contact with and personal preferences. 

Pre-registration is open until Thursday 1 February 2018, after which point the Jamboree team will get back to people as soon as possible to offer tickets. 

More information on Jamboree can be found here.