Help Arts Council England understand their reputation as an employer

The Institute for Employment Studies (IES) has been commissioned by Arts Council England to help them understand what potential job applicants, at all stages of their creative and cultural careers, think of the organisation as a place to work.

The research will help Arts Council England to improve the way it presents itself to potential candidates in the future and expand the profile of the sector. It will help them be better placed to address key challenges and opportunities in relation to audience development, widening public engagement, diversifying the workforce, and refreshing leadership and governance to reflect the diversity of contemporary England across all aspects of their work.


How can I help?

You can help by providing a response to the short online consultation here. IES will also beconducting a small number of telephone interviews to talk to people about their experiences in a little more detail. You can indicate whether you would be happy to be contacted about this at the end of your consultation response.

The questions will explore a range of themes, such as:

■ Your motivations to enter the arts and cultural sector

■ Any long-term goals and aspirations for your career

■ Your experiences of looking for work.

■ The attractiveness of Arts Council England as an employer

■ How likely it is you would apply for a vacancy at Arts Council England and why

■ Any diversity challenges you feel the sector is facing

■ Any examples of good practice to increase diversity, equality and inclusion in the sector.

All information collected from or about you will be kept strictly anonymous and confidential.


How will the findings be used?

The findings will be used to improve the way Arts Council England engages with job applicants in the future.