Kelly Best,  Velum , Installation view at Eastside Projects, Birmingham, 2015. Photo: Stuart Whipps

Kelly Best, Velum, Installation view at Eastside Projects, Birmingham, 2015. Photo: Stuart Whipps

Early career artists are invited to submit applications showing ambition, compelling ideas and a commitment to developing an outstanding art practice for the second edition of 3-Phase. 3-Phase is a development initiative led by Jerwood Charitable Foundation, through its visual arts programme Jerwood Visual Arts, and Eastside Projects, Birmingham, with WORKPLACE, Gateshead.

The exhibition and development opportunity is for three artists who are within 10 years of establishing their practice, and will enable them to make and exhibit new work with curatorial and practical support from the three participating organisations. The selected artists will present work as it develops through three exhibition moments, taking the form of a group exhibition at Jerwood Visual Arts and WORKPLACE along with a solo show for each artist at Eastside Projects.

Artists are asked to propose how, through this initiative, current research and ideas will evolve and materialise. Proposals should identify how this opportunity will impact artist’s professional development and enable a breakthrough in their practice. The exhibitions should be viewed as an opportunity to experiment, and make ambitious and compelling ideas a reality.    

3-Phase is open to artists resident in the UK who are in the process of establishing their career. Artists must not have commercial gallery representation or have presented a major solo show in the UK. The objective is to select one artist from the Midlands, one from the North, and one from across the UK, responding to the remits of the three participating organisations and allowing for a broad peer group to form and circulate.

Artists will be selected based on the quality and potential of their work and the developmental impact the opportunity is likely to have upon their practice. There is no application fee to apply. This unique collaboration highlights the benefits of artists and organisations working together as part of a national dialogue; constructing a space of encounter between the thinking of selected artists and supporting arts organisations around the developing bodies of work.

Further information on the opportunity can be found here.

Deadline for entries: 5pm, Monday 8 May 2017.